Brand Self-Awareness: Becoming Conscious

Brand Identity
Show Them Who You Are

This week we’re meeting with a new consulting company to listen to some of their marketing dilemmas. They’re excited about a tremendous opportunity with a multi-national manufacturer. Yet despite their impressive backgrounds and early success, the company needs help. They need help organizing their business process and translating their service offerings into tangible, easy-to-understand documentation. They need a way to reach new clients and to present their solutions simply, cohesively, and with memorable impact. Of course, as they’ve come to realize, such feats are not easy to accomplish on their own.

The failure with marketing communications most often occurs when companies fail to develop their brand strategy. An effective business process is not enough to win over new prospects. A company must be able to effectively communicate their basic value propositions and their unique way of doing business. They must, in effect, become “self-aware.”

Corporate Identity

A corporate identity that is “self aware” starts with identifying a company’s core values. This step is often glossed over by ambitious upstarts. “We already know who we are” is the common thinking here. Yet the overuse of stock images and photography is a clear example that companies don’t know who they are. Everyone thinks their company can succeed if they’d just be given the chance. Below are three requirements for building a brand strategy that invests in more than just wishful thinking…

1)    Identity your core values and what differentiates you from your competition.

2)    Communicate your basic value propositions through high-quality imagery, photography, and messaging.

3)    Breathe life into your corporate identity with an integrated online and offline marketing strategy.

In order to build a foundation for you company’s brand, start with the cement. Invest in a marketing partner that can help you envision, create, and reach new opportunities. Invest in the dream of creating the best firm or company in your industry or market niche. Isn’t that why you’re in business in the first place? Of course it is. Yet we cannot do it alone. We need the strategic and tactical help of partners similarly invested in our success.

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