Media Express: a short commute from past to present

So just what is this blog all about? Well, we’re ecstatic that you asked. This post is adapted from the very first Writing Killer Content blog post, when MMG was still in its infancy. We have since expanded our services and our vision. Yet this article captures much of the original vision for our blog. It’s about conveying messages. And it’s about business. It’s about doing business in today’s interactive world.

It’s about community and it’s about passion. It’s about living in real-time and looking at our colleagues with respect and admiration. It’s about participating in the ongoing conversation.


If you’re new to marketing or social media, the cries ring loud and clear: “Get on board! The train is leaving the station, don’t get left behind!” You know you must act, and you’ve waited too long as it is. It’s time to get on, and if you’re really motivated you can still get that first-class ticket.


“But where do I start? What will it cost? And where will I see the results?” Though the answers will vary from company to company, the common denominator is this: Think slim, think smart, and start now.

Before you can bring your new products and services to market, the focus must be to differentiate, to communicate, and to connect. Your messaging and your ideas must be clear, effective and—in an age of shortened attention spans—to the point! Take a look at the following internet statistics from over the past five years:

• “A recent Logitech study revealed that people, on average, have six applications open on their computer at any one time, and the active window switches or a new window opens every 50 seconds.” ~Logitech

• “Users won’t read your text thoroughly in a word-by-word manner. Exhaustive reading is rare, especially when prospective customers are conducting their initial research to compile a shortlist of vendors.” ~Askmepc Webdesign (from “How People Read a Web Page”)

• Users read half (50%) the content on those web pages with 111 words or less. For web pages containing 200+ words, users read only between 20% and 40%. ~from “Not Quite the Average: An Empirical Study of Web Use.” Provided by Jakob Nielsen.


Personal computing, along with marketing, has indeed come a long way. When we think about content today, we know we’re in a numbers game competing for visitors. But content is still king. And he is a thinner king and a slicker king. And like anyone in power, he never takes his throne for granted.

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Gary Vaynerchuk on “Getting in the Game”

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For those who are unfamiliar with Gary Vaynerchuk, I suggest watching this video three times—once to take in the size of his personality, a second time to really listen to what he is saying, and a third to really, really listen to what he is saying.

To make it easier, here are some key points he hits upon about the social media game. For those just getting out of the gate, I’ve added some clarifying points and suggestions…

Follow Trends. Pay attention to blogs that talk about Social Media. This means getting your hands into Blog Rolls and exploring the Social Media Blogger community. (Gary Vaynerchuk’s site is a great place to start. See my blog roll, at right, for more.)

Don’t Wait. This is one of Gary’s most insistent points here and elsewhere. While you stall, your competition is getting in the game and learning about new ways to attract eyeballs.

Anticipate Trial & Error. This might seem like common sense, but unless you’re hiring devoted social media staff or engaging a social media agency (like Chris Brogan’s New Media Labs), it is almost certain you will have to experiment before you find the right social media approach for your business.

Build a Presence. Make yourself visible. You can’t perform at the open-mic if you’re not on the list! Show up early, secure your place, then you can play. This is what Gary means when he talks about “growing into it” and
“getting involved.”

Listen In. When Gary and other social media experts talk about “getting into” the conversation, what they’re really saying is: listen up! This takes us back to the first bullet. But it’s also important to learn how others in your industry are competing in the social media arena. You’re bound to discover approaches you like and those you don’t. The idea then: build and strategize accordingly.

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